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Prize structure

A winning selection is determined by having, based on the official results issued by Loto‑Québec, the greatest number of exact predictions or the second greatest number of exact predictions among all valid selections registered for a given List.

Loto‑Québec allocates 60% of the amounts wagered for a given List for the payment of prizes and establishes a "POOL FUND" by deducting from this sum the total amount of prizes payable to bearers of a ticket with the second largest number of exact predictions. Prizes are determined as follows:

Winning Selections Prize Pool Prize
Greatest number of exact predictions Pool Fund* Share of the pool**
Second greatest number of exact predictions Number of individuals bearing a ticket containing such a winning selection X $10 (fixed) $10

* Loto‑Québec guarantees that the Pool Fund will never be less than 40% of the total amount wagered for a given List and that the prize paid to the holder of a ticket bearing a winning selection will never be less than $10.

** For this category of winning selections, "Share of the pool" means the amount calculated by dividing the Prize Pool of this category by the number of winning selections in the category.


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Loto-Québec may, at any time and at its discretion, modify the odds of the betting offer. The odds applicable at the time of the transaction take precedence over any other odds previously associated with any of your predictions. In the event of a disparity between the Potential winnings calculated through this website and those generated by Loto-Québecs computer system, the latter shall prevail. In the event of a disparity between the results presented on this website and those of Loto-Québecs official winning list, the latter shall prevail.

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