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Prédictions Home Page

No need to be perfect. Just the best.

Prédictions is a sports pool game that lets you compete against other sports fans in Québec.

To participate, get the applicable Prédictions List from a Loto‑Québec retailer or visit Gaming Offer. Then, fill out a selection slip and present it to a Loto‑Québec retailer who will issue your lottery ticket.


  1. Available sports are determined at Loto‑Québec's discretion and may vary from time to time. Loto‑Québec reserves the right to remove or add one or more sports at any time, without notice.
  2. You have to make your predictions of the winning team for each match of a given List before the closing time of bets indicated on said List.
  3. A winning selection is determined by having the greatest number of exact predictions or the second greatest number of exact predictions among all valid selections registered for a given List, based on the official results issued by Loto‑Québec.
  4. As applicable, the outcome of a match is determined after overtime play, if any.
  5. Lists are published every Thursday.
  6. Minimum payoff rate: 60%. (See Prize Structure)
  7. Cost of each selection: $5.

For more details about Prédictions, visit How to Play, or consult the complete rules.